You always want to get the stuff you want, but not enough patience to make it, not that you don't have the desire, that is too easy with yourself!

An evening watching movies will enjoy more comfortable 1 hour work.

A coffee morning will be interesting more than 1 hour to do my homework.

30 minutes to surf facebook will happily over 30' self-taught photoshop and as well as many other skills that you want.

And so, you give up! If you don't discipline yourself.

Discipline will cause you to:

-Continue implementation of an idea or a project after the enthusiasm of the initial excitement faded gradually

-To the gym while all what you want to do at the moment is lying on the couch watching TV

-Get up early to spend time practicing

-Say "no" when you crave to eat a dish needed diet

-Just check the mailbox several times a day on the certain time

-Formerly of discipline is my weakness, so that now I do not have the ability to do some things that I like to do-such as playing the guitar. But I was progressing up much; have to say that, thanks to the discipline that today I can wake up from 5 am to write this article.

-Actually the thing I wish to do now is lay curled on a bed, but my desire again after feeling inside my mind about the purpose.

-Let's make right what I proposed in December, up timetable for a living and trying to make up for by being whatever it is the smallest thing. It does not make the smallest things, how we can do more.

If you find it difficult with the work discipline, the good news for you is this virtue can hone.

5 characteristics of the discipline

1. Self awareness

Discipline means to act according to what you have defined is best, regardless of your feelings then. Therefore, the characteristics of the first main discipline is self awareness. You need to determine whether any actions will best express the goals and their value. This process requires you to learn, self analysis of myself; and it will be most effective when you write the analysis out of black ink on white paper. I recommend that you take the time to write out your goals, dreams, and ambitions of his own. Which is better, if possible, you please write a personal mission statement. I found that writing out the mission that helped me better understand who I am, what is my purpose, and I value highly.

2. The conscious awareness

Discipline depends on the conscious awareness of what you are doing and what you're not doing. You think. If you are not aware that their behavior is not discipline, how can you know that you need to act differently?

When embarking on a work discipline, maybe more when you will "gotcha" themselves are undisciplined behaviour-for example, biting nails, avoid exercise, eat cake, or constantly check the mailbox. To build the virtues of discipline, you need to have the time; and the bottom line here is that you must be aware of his undisciplined behavior. Gradually, this awareness will come sooner, i.e. instead of "gotcha" you're undisciplined acts, you'll realize it before you make that behavior. This gives you the opportunity to make decisions consistent with the values and goals.

3. The determination to apply discipline

Write out your goals and your values not enough. You must have the determination to implement them. If not, when the ringing alarm clock at 5 am, you'll tune that carefree hours "5 more minutes" ... Or when my initial excitement with a project passed, you will give it to the WarBirds completed milestone.

If you find it difficult with the implementation of the resolution, please start by giving a conscious decision that you will pursue implementation of what you say I'll do – both in terms of time and how to do it. Then, I recommend building a method/system to monitor the implementation of this commitment. Not that people still say: "what is the new measure of progress."

4. Courage

You have to see the drops of sweat on the faces of the characters in the pics on there? Yes, you Sir, often discipline is a job extremely difficult. Emotion, desire, and passion can be the powerful force that you face. So, discipline depends very much on courage. Don't pretend that working is easy with you while in fact, it is a very difficult job and/or strenuous. Instead, let's build the courage to face the strenuous and difficult. When you accumulate for themselves the little private victory, confidence in you will grow gradually, and the courage which is support for the discipline will come to you in a more natural way.

5. Self-guided ourselves 

monologue usually is a bad habit, but it can also be extremely useful if you control it. When facing a difficult situation, please talk to your self, your self-encouragement, and to reassure themselves. After all, the act monologue is likely to remind you of your goals, build courage, determination strengthened, and cause you to maintain awareness about the task you are doing. Every time feels his discipline is challenged, I am reminded of this quote: "The cost of keeping discipline is always less than the pain of regret conviction". Take this quote engraved in your mind, and recall it whenever you find yourself being challenged. It can alter your life there.

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Written by Hoc Nguyen (CEO Hello Valio)

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You have or, the world famous CEOS are always different measures to "control" the psychology of the enemy.

Do you ever wonder what are the quality leaders that everyone listen and follow them? The fact this isn't as complicated as people think.

Some research in psychology has shown that there are many scroll to "control" a people that does not leave them uncovered.

1. Take out the "bait" to lure

To explain the "priming effect" (the decoy effect), behavioral Economist Dan Ariely has taken the example of selling advertising Economist.

The airline launched three ads registration rates are as follows: 59 USD for advertising online (about 1.3 million USD), 159 USD (about 3.5 million USD) for advertising on paper and package 169 USD if using both paper and online advertising.

Ariely explains that paper advertising packages exist only for the purpose of making dual advertising packages on paper and online becomes more attractive, stimulating customers to buy this advertising packages.

Said another way, when you get stuck in the sale of 2 products with expensive prices, create more of a "third option" copy for the original choice becomes "less expensive" and therefore more attractive to customers.

2. Mimic their body language to win your love

Scientific studies have shown that people we often sympathize with the dialogue than when they pose, and face the same oneself. This phenomenon is called the "chameleon effect" – the chameleon effect.

A strange thing in this phenomenon is that it works in a way almost completely unconscious – most of the volunteers who participated in the study were not even realizing that the opposite is trying to "imitate" them.

3. Increase speed to win their concurred

How you convey your ideas are also equally important what that idea myself.
The study was conducted by the University of Georgia has revealed, when one person disagreed, making the thesis review with fast speed may cause the enemy "nodded in the unconscious". This helps to shorten the processing time of the information of the person opposite, do they easily "PM" at your disposal.

In contrast, when the enemy had concurred with the comments of you say more slowly. This will create efficiencies, help the listener understand and infuse for longer.

4. Confuse to get what I want

A study published in the journal "personality and social psychology" number 76 of 1999 gave empirical skill DTR (disrupt-then-reframe-translates: break and then redefined).

In the experiments, the researchers went to each House to sell the notes to the charity. First, they sell cards with price/3USD 8 cards (about 66000 USD) and only 40% of households agree to buy.

But when they changed the way says "300 per cent 8 card", they have earned double. Although 300 cents is also equivalent to 3 USD but using the DTR, sales people have to "break" the conventional thinking of the buyers, making them unable to considers a way reason and thereby govern was their spending decisions.

5. "Hypnosis" the enemy to increase accountability

Research by scientists at Newcastle University points out that we have behaved more culture when he saw the picture ... the eyes.

In experiments, the scientists have put pictures of the eyes in a canteen in public instead of the flower and track customer response. The result is the number of people who cleaned his corner after eating a lot more.

The author of the study, said that the image of the eyes have made people feel like anyone is "staring", from which they act have a higher sense of responsibility.

The feeling of being watched makes people behave there culture so when hơnVì want to make sure people have the cultural action and responsibility, make them feel that you are being watched ".

6. The power of fear

A study in the journal of experimental social psychology, the people concerned when after a period of anxiety fear, will have a more positive response to the requests for help.

An example is given as follows, the scientist faked police siren at the right person is going through.

They realize that these people tend to easily accept to answer the interview questions later than people who don't hear sirens.

The scientists explained that this could be due to cognitive abilities of these people are still suffering from the disorder because of fears they had just met. So that they do not usually consider carefully the requirements are laid out right then.

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Written by Hoc Nguyen (CEO Hello Valio)

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Transmission is a presentation memorable and convincing is an art. But to do more than that you need to have the understanding of the brain.

In the past few decades, human efforts (and have spent a lot of money) to find out how your mind works. This can be considered as a good news for you, especially when you need public speaking-a job requires going into the mind (and soul) of the audience. The research on Neuroscience has brought a lot of knowledge that those who do business should adopt in their presentations.

Here are eight rules, was developed from a conversation with Stephen m. Kosslyn, a former Dean of the Faculty of psychology at Harvard University, and based on the understanding of the brain:

1. Always customize your slides

Humans have the same dreams and desires, but hidden under this similarity is the specific difference lies in each individual. Therefore, your presentation is targeted to hit things that are important to that particular audience groups. For example, the presentations always needs to have:

The term easy to understand with the listener
The familiar argument based on the experience of the listener
The more appropriate and interesting to the majority of listeners

2. Don't just say, show and tell

The research on the latest neuroscience shows that, words and images are processed at the Central physical area of the brain. If your presentation contains both words and images, the ability to listen to people to remember your message will doubled.

Let's combine words and images in the slide when want to emphasize an important idea. A broadcaster may cause strong impact to other areas of the human brain, help for your presentation easy to form.

3. Plan attracted the attention of the listener

To ensure that the audience always track your presentation, zoom and highlight the important details and (or sound). The presentation outlines of presentations that will help the audience know they are listening to the item in your overall presentation.
If you want to help the customer understand a complex problem-such as a multiple-layer supply chain diagram-please presents each grade. Don't try to cram it all into a slide, let's just show the part that you're discussing in your presentation and move to the next slide to start a new class.

4. Focus on key messages

Instead of giving information to the listener, you should only give the real information necessary to support the transmission of messages. Please remove the extraneous details and only presents the key aspects of the content needed. Truncating information prompting messages become easy to understand does not mean to spoil the main purpose of the lecture. People prone to attract by the stories associated with the real world, so let's turn your presentation into a story that has a beginning and ending content. That way, the audience can easily be gone with your presentations.

5. Chat with the audience rather than just telling them to listen

A presentation should be the same as a conversation between friends or colleagues, rather than a speech, lecture, or (worst case) a sermon. Relax and breathe. Please tell the tone as when you're talking to others when speaking.

Look into the eyes of people listening to presentations. Please tell your story can you like sitting at a dinner party. Don't get clumsy or take look down your notes sheets. Please exercise carefully as to when a presentation, you don't need to look at the paper.

6. Use the transport ways

Don't treat your entire slide presentation, it is only a means of support for visual presentations. At the end, you want the audience to understand what you say, not just what was shown on the slide. That is, the way you tell a story or give examples to make his opinion evidence when presented better efficiency the rigid information lines displayed on the screen.

7. Arrange time off in-between to the listener can relax

If the presentation is defined as that will last, you should arrange for time off between hours to hearing people can "Digest" is what you have presented. In time, you may be projecting a film animation, a video, or do a small survey by the listener hands voting. The change of the atmosphere will help support the ability to remember and focus of the attendees.

Again, let's organize activities for people who listen to them become more active (rather than just listening passively). This will impact different areas on the human brain and mind. More importantly, captured the audience involved in the activity (any activity!) will benefit the next steps of the presentations.

8. Prepare for the questions that the audience can take out

When the question "does anyone want to put any questions?", you don't want to get back the silence as sheets. To have effective FAQ section, please anticipate the West questions that the audience may ask you and avoid presenting the information in the presentations.

What will happen if the audience does not want to ask questions and just sitting? Don't panic. When you stand still for 20 seconds with the wait, the collective pressure will surely make the first question be turned out, and then others will stood by and ask questions!

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Written by Hoc Nguyen (CEO Hello Valio)

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As time goes by, 20th birthday has passed half a year already. If once  again you don't know will go on and on.

Written for the age of 20, the age filled his life, challenging rough, filled with joy and happy thirst for passion.

Written for things past and things were still missing, the roads have yet to arrive to remind yourself to try more, to live more with his life.

1. Age 20, age to love. 

Have to say truly my son at age 20 would also exceed the welcome, be public, living is to enjoy, or the passionate nationalism, Yolo health and do not know that ever you look back and regret? But what's daughter, a naive, innocent, but sometimes leveled classes to incredible, don't know which one is true, but the shelves go because my daughter is so that; my daughter has a left to find warm enough for me to be interested. Enough to see the determination that attempt, which changes are made to protect people, to care for her daughter. Please relax your body and feel the happiness that has only brought the age of 20. Don't ever hurt her, despite having what, for what, she has for you!

2. Age 20, age to remember the family. 

When life goes by so fast, we're more mature then somewhere there are father-mother is increasingly older. Not that people suddenly realized that, just come when each home see more wrinkles, few surviving silver hair's breadth though tried to pluck away the emotional stuff and the most sacred of any child would be rise. I just realized why many invisible at his mind and these aggressor contingency to so long but still young age, old age is also how long? Forever passionate but forgot to return to. Oh why life sometimes unknowingly to that!

3. Age 20, age to live on his hands

Youth long, but nevertheless a real short. Long for you when eating doesn't sit right, only know the old mother from money and sketchy looking forward to wait on getting a degree to out the road begging. But the young age back short with you when you really daring, dare the dose themselves with life's challenges. Is the times throughout the night glow with the job, is the valuable lesson of the pain, is the experience of blood mist success or even the sculptures were mouthing off when recording essence Athenian. You found his reason to live, are trying not just to survive. The way that you are going though a rough but it is a beautiful way to discover and experience-your pathway to the passion and happiness of life.

4. The age of 20, the age to come

Go not for handbags and backpacks that come up, go i.e. to live, to understand many things. To see you also know how frail. To see why still many good people, whether strangers but don't be afraid to care. To see where the beauty of his homeland, the Majesty of the mountains, to see the truth of that love. To va stumbled with that experience. To that keenly when former home but remember-single muscle pain so really the age of 20.

5. At the age of 20, to recognize learning is important

Also, learn the five best days things don't understand what to do later see how depressed. New student life look overcast, were long rest know when new. Therefore that was 2 years passed, looking back on the way to school along with the transcript of that dark suddenly startled.Wondering whether to have reached 7.5 where do dissertations? There are releases is that the one with quite that parents still expect! Please tell your self are serious with themselves, have to take care of that study. Think to try, for the many things you have to have the road late that retreat!

6. Age 20, years to think about their health. 

Age 20 is the age at which people are most powerful, resilient for then is also the age at which most damaged health. Woke up late late habits formed from early since the review also. Sometimes we're not won't matter because you still feel normal but you are growing weaker trails. Get acquainted with the good habit to protect his health.

7. Age 20, years to think about his future work

What if it was too late really 20 years old that still don't know what I can do later, like something.Sometimes there may be a difference in thinking, lack of career but still believe in their hearts, believe in his hobby, on what was experiencing after more than 2 years experience. Prepare early a day, we have the opportunity to know more than other people on a strict competition, so there.

8. Age 20, years to drop yourself into extravagant dreams. 

No one is taxed dream and also nobody to you dream. The dream is the stuff that you days and nights voraciously to find ways of shortening the gap between reality and dreams, not also saying that I wish as a kid. The dream may be brash, as more and more compelling, or goose and excitement, the more rough and challenging. Can we can not touch it but you also have to go through many other people's dreams.

9. Age 20, age to stop, to write something for the past, present and future. 

It would be remiss if we want to look back one day own youth that I forgot the age of 20. Forget the what the age of 20 have experienced, age 20 do not. It would be happy when I learned that my 20-year-old is beautiful to know how!

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Written by Hoc Nguyen (CEO Hello Valio)

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18 is the age to "START"

18 is the age to "START"
18 is the age to "START"

Have you ever wondered the age of 18 should do? The age which we carry in themselves the teeming but dreams do not lack the fear that she will fail!

18 is the devious enough at us to ease off on the family limit. The people at as this easy to mistake that dare not let other people know. The main mistake was the beginning for a series of mistakes.Only when we have enough awareness to beat yourself up.

So don't hesitate to 18 who make mistakes, do not regret, but also do not be overdone to when we get chance 20 higher. If longer is 18 let her drop, for ripping the demon, and when we have 20 views are themselves qualified to expel or not. This is the bets are go eat all of his youth.

We're also not afraid to those better than me, I don't need the high esteem the more we play, the quick run which takes effort. People are unique, there is no absolutely have a copy as I, so what excuse do we have to go by the way of others. Self draw yourself one of the most beautiful streets, and when we fall, we are not afraid.

If we're envious with those better, play substance than those jealous then why are we not good enough quality, and as they are. Fear not enough ability and conditions? Then sit an archdiocese.Also there will be more poor child who dared to do it. It's hard with the work itself creating for myself.Also myself just stand. Why don't we run now as a pair of strong legs.

Mistakes also, just okay. Shortly before 20 make mistakes, 20 of us stood up. But don't forget the determination that we have chosen.

Remember "At the starting line with no losers and guys win" so they take over Sun, is like himself.Winning or losing is because the purpose of the decision itself. Freedom.

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Written by Hoc Nguyen (CEO Hello Valio)

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1. Wake up early to help yourself feel less guilt each time getting up late. Also if that delay normal up ...

2. exercise, a simple point of CEOs that I've ever met who also exercise, if you want to make money off the backs of nai youth to old age, the hospital charges from closing the episode don't copy.

3. "3"-Hello-sorry-thank you.

4. Laugh more

5. Listening to music and feel the beat every time.

6. Drink lots of water for it to relax the face, for my daughter spend the money on buying mineral water bottles to the Faceshop spray onto the skin when stressed.

7. Relax, play a game, talking with friends or listening to music alone or Yoga is the relaxing effect.

8. Don't be fasting, living to eat, eat to live, what to eat for it also kind of healthy but also Moose back that succumb to life.

9. Calling home every day, the parents lying to you as they're healthy, they're fun, they take care of you every second every minute, they sacrifice for you little by little, make them more interested.

10. A to-do-list for the next day to take control of work to do, don't let you control.

11. Sleep early, wake up early to start the number 1.

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Written by Hoc Nguyen (CEO Hello Valio)

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"I am not back to Apple to make money. When new age 25, I had blocks of property worth 100 million us dollars. There's no way to spend some of it at all, and I would not use the money to prove his intelligence ". This is one sentence saying "withdraw the intestines" myths of technology led many people to ponder.

1. "I believe that 50% of the decision a success or failure was merely in the composition of the House"

Jeff Haden-Inc. magazine editor explains that everyone says they want to do more. But in fact, no one made it. Most people think that nobody does so, so they don't what to do. And they give up.That is the reason why successful people are often very rare. And the main work you do more than others will give you the opportunity.

Go early. Late. Do much more work. More phone calls. Send more email. More research. Dedicated customer support.

Don't wait until requested, ask yourself. Don't just give orders to employees, take directions and work with them.

When working on something, please do more, if possible, especially if no one is doing. That won't be easy. But it makes the difference for you. And over time, that will cause you to become extremely successful.

2. "Things I sincerely don't cost a penny. Clearly the most precious resource we have is time "

The term essentially only the parameters, but often carry negative meanings. If there are 2 weeks to complete the task, most people will allocate its resources to accomplish it in just right for 2 weeks, though they could have done earlier.
So let's forget the kind of deadline. Do everything fast and efficient as possible. Then, use the spare time to finish the other work the same way.
The usual time to govern themselves. Also good to note in its mastery of time.

3. "The patterns in my business is to group The Beatles. Four people they support and balance each other. And the success of the group is always more brilliant successes of each Member. Business as well as the great achievements: the fin was never brought up by a single individual, that it is the collective effort "

There will be few employees make you crazy. Have the customer makes you uncomfortable. Some of you really selfish and only think of yourself. But don't complain anymore. By you, who have chosen them to appear in his life.
If the people around you do not, it is not their fault, that is your fault. You are the person to their presence in your life.

Please think to type that you want to work with, the customers that you want to serve and those of you that you want. Then, change the way to attract those people. Who would like to work hard with the hard. Good people will just communicating with the good.

The excellent staff will only want to work for the boss. Let's become the best possible, and you will always have people better around him anymore.

4. "Sometimes you will make mistakes when creation. It is important to quickly acknowledge it and continue to strive "

Ask people why they succeed. Their answers will only the pronoun "I". Sometimes you can hear the word "we".

Then ask why they failed. Most of them will blame the circumstances, such as economic instability, insufficient potential markets or suppliers does not meet up. They will say that defeat is by someone else or something else. And the like, they will never learn anything from the defeat.

Sometimes there will be things out of control cause we failed But the majority the cause comes from yourself. That is perfectly normal. The success would also fail. And so now they succeed.

Let's cherish the failure; take responsibility, learn, draw experience from them and make sure not to make that mistake again.

5. "The work will occupy most of the time in your life, and the only way to feel completely satisfied is to do what you believe is great. And the only way to do well as loved taking the work you are doing.If you haven't found your favorite job, keep. Don't stop. Will come at the heart only for you see you got it "

You don't know what is your passion? No stars at all. Please choose to do something interesting and beneficial for your finances. A job that people will pay money for you to do or provide.

Then let's work hard, improve their skills, whether it's creative work, sales or management ... all your professional requirements. The satisfaction and wholeness from the little success will give you the motivation to continue to work hard and improve their skills.

And then there will be a day you wake up and feel extremely fullness – by you are doing a great job, a job that you extremely love

6. "Innovation distinguishes between a leader and the following"

The idea is not accompanied by action, then only the regret. Every day, people let procrastination and indecisive stop they made turns his intent. Think of a few ideas that you've ever had, a job, a new career or business is simply more jobs.

Think again, how many of your ideas become reality, especially when you have very steep because of it? The majority of your ideas can become true?

My guess is Yes-so please learn to trust the reviews, or even a premonition of the self. Sometimes they may not be accurate, but if you won't act, then we will always be wrong.

7. "I am not back to Apple to make money. I was lucky enough to become rich. When new age 25, I had blocks of property worth 100 million us dollars. I decided to not let that ruin his life. There's no way to spend the money at all, and I don't take money to prove his wisdom "

Money is very important. It helps you do. But after a certain point, money doesn't make people happier. According to research by the United States National Academy of Sciences, "after a salary 75000 USD a year, had higher incomes also does not make you happy or help you get rid of stress and fatigue".

As they say: the pursuit of material things will make you feel less happy.

Try to think, you want a bigger house. You need a bigger house. And you buy it. You feel great until I realized the last major House is just a House.

That's because the material just bring happiness. To happier, don't pursue money. Please search experience.

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Written by Hoc Nguyen (CEO Hello Valio)

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Only if you accept the "melt" into a different country, you truly live a meaningful life.

1. Traveling alone

Only if you accept the "melt" into a different country, even forget always yourself, you truly live a meaningful life. Only when travelling alone you can explore the fear occurs simultaneously with the exhilaration of a ride that you will never forget. Only when you absolutely not bound by anything around me, you can temporarily "lost" goes that you are abroad and began to explore around like a real Explorer.

2. Enjoy dinner "with me"

You just spent an evening sitting alone, alone in the middle of the restaurant, on the hands is a book, to try and know exactly the feeling a person when eating alone is like. So can you give that person go eat alone is do they have something sad or frustrated about something, but sometimes not so. You will know that it's a very satisfying feeling and peace.

3. Make friends with your enemies

Our friends are often those that at first look I see "hate". There is a very interesting thing is that we seem to know all the deficiencies and their bad sides before knowing the good work that they have done. Once you look at someone as an enemy, then really no longer any other way can "neutralize" it by turning it into ... friendship. So, leave your relationship problems with someone, even in just a few minutes, because what are you can move from hatred into love at would not know?

4. Say "no" without giving any reason

You can learn to say "no" to someone or something that doesn't need to put out an apology or a long list of reasons, because this is your life, and you have full rights to that life. A feeling of liberation will follow you throughout the rest of his life if you make sure to do this with respect for the opposite person psychotherapists and because for the time you can not find a reason.

5. Take that don't carry the phone

To leave the familiar place without a phone beside often is compared with the image addicts without using drugs. But nor should a serious culture matters by this is the chance for you to chat with many strangers on the road. Of course, it will never be good when having to depend too much on something, and you know you can do anything to the phone. This helps you gain more independence for his life. Start an adventure and leave the cell phone behind. Maybe you will get stuck in a strange place, but know where is this will be your chance to get acquainted with a handsome guy in at and ask for directions.

6. With a sample of people who are not "in the dream"

The important thing is you have to be open minded and try to meet as many new people as possible, the same as you try to try as much as possible the new dishes. You may not like the pair of glasses, hair or even their names, but you open up opportunities for them and it may also be the opportunity for yourself. Take the time to date can be "captured" take time to view your favorite movies, but when you step into the age of 30 you will understand more about the people and especially the dating with someone you don't even know.

7. Make a map and then try to sell it

Nothing more worthwhile in this world is to create something meaningful in your life. The main things you create in this world is unique, certainly not "touched", regardless of the products that have the "technical error", then it is also an item to bring you comfort and joy, a new gas flow blows in life sometimes too straightforward. You can sell or not to sell the "brainchild" of his, but it's important you get is you always maintain his creative abilities.

8. Visit the people they have never met

We all have people who they have never met, might be distant or the brothers in their line that we haven't had much of a chance of exposure. It is about time for you to connect with your family. Open the doors have closed, start connecting with loved ones and create a large family like you ever desire.

9. Try the little test

You can do a little test post as try putting out a request and he can just reject you and also put out similar requirements to those who may agree to help you. You will never know what will happen when you have pride and get back the results interesting, this will be a fascinating challenge that each of us should try to add to the collection of his experience.

10. Invite others to go to lunch

Invite others to go to lunch or to donate your lunch money for the people who have difficult circumstances is an action meant that you should also try to do once, at the moment you lose the money you will get back is please appreciate the infinite help. Whether you do not repeat her action once again, then the experience of having sacrificed the interests of ourselves because others will also make you smile every time.

11. Move to a new city

Each of us at least once should be moved to a new city, although only in that 6 months, a year or a semester, escape the city and explore a new place. Take yourself to a place that's not home and learn to become citizens of a different city. Learn the roads of new city and find a new coffee shop. Discover the roads off, interesting places in the city that only you know.

12. Immerse in love

You are able to immerse herself in love with as many things as possible and keep doing romantic things possible. You can love the flowers grass across the street, or love the House with the unique architecture ... Love those side and remember to tell them you love them, how much of an emotional need not pay back. Love and infatuation with this life, you will never feel sad and alone

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Written by Hoc Nguyen (CEO Hello Valio)

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10 things to do when you have free time

10 things to do when you have free time
10 things to do when you have free time

When you have a lot of spare time and feel bored because there is nothing to do. Even watching movies and going to eat, gathered nor alleviate the boredom that and you want to try something new?. Sometimes we need some new ideas to do with your spouse, your children or with friends.

When you have a lot of spare time and feel bored because there is nothing to do. Even watching movies and going to eat, gathered nor alleviate the boredom that and you want to try something new? Sometimes we need some new ideas to do with your spouse, your children or with friends. So, if you are adventurous enough to try the activity then here are some great suggestions that you can do when you are bored.

1. Go to the water motor

During the long vacation whether you're lying on the beach or the pool but lazy feeling makes you still feel bored. You think this strong sense game. This works better in the spring and summer, but if you are lucky enough to live in a country where summer never ends, don't just try to take the water motor sports. Sailing is also a great and interesting activities to try.

2. Visit the Zoo

The Zoo is not the only place for children, sometimes it's interesting for both youth and adults. Isn't it great to see lions, Tigers, and other cute animals that these animals with the instinctive action of it you encounter when visiting the Zoo is a way for you and your family, your friends feel fun and funny together.

3. Bowling

Perhaps, the most amazing thing about bowling is you figured out how to have fun with family or friends on weekends. Today virtually every city or town has a bowling club, so finding a location in your area and offer your loved ones or your friends are not too hard. Don't forget to buy some drinks or purchase some food while you're bowling. In this way, you will feel excited when dining at the competition and the side ones make time went a way fun.

4. Engage in a macabre tour

Have you ever tried to participate in a ghost tour? If you are feeling bored and uninspired, and want something adventurous, a ghost tour is right for suggestions of your favorite person ventured.That's completely unique ideas to take away much of your time. You will learn about the history of the city and heard the scary stories, can explore the mysterious and fascinating world makes you keen because of fear. Hey! 1 great experience.

5. Go to a Comedy Club

Are you tired with repetition of all the daily work, dinner every week? Please change it by going to a Comedy Club. It is one of the most amazing things people can do when they are bored. Attend a live comedy program while dinner is a great way to have fun and relax. You can do this with people or your friends.

6. Play arcade or motor racing games

One of the best things you can do with your partner, family or friends when it's free play arcade (a type of recreational games using xèng mounted in the location of public business and entertainment centre Game) or motor racing game. This is an extremely interesting way you can spend the whole day or even all night. Additionally, this idea is perfect for any group of people (family, friends or even colleagues). You can have lunch and play around the arcade!

7. Dinner on the river

Dinner on the river is a unique way to go eat dinner. This is a romantic way to spend time with your lover. It can also apply with family or close friends in some special occasions or simply to do something interesting and create a feeling of change. It's great when dinner on the water and enjoy the beauty of the sunset.

8. Writing Blog

If you have writing skills, try starting a blog because this is a great idea for you to try. Fashion, movies, books, gardening ... is that any topics you can choose from. Sure there will be a bit difficult when starting your own blog, but it's the fun way to pastime that sometimes have them income. Just make sure that you write about something you are really passionate about and trying to do it regularly.

9. Go to volunteer

This is a very meaningful activity grew at the same time bring benefits to you. The feeling when helping someone great. There are always people who need the help around us. Today there are many organizations looking to volunteer, but if you don't have organized volunteer, you can do this in an orphanage or places should help you know. Even help stray animals, though could not bring them home but to feed them every day is also helpful. Animals are like humans and they need your help.

10. Making a cooking show

At first it may sound strange, but it's a fun thing to do when you are bored and when you are living alone. Find some recipes, pretend you're on a cooking show and try to talk to when you cook. The video yourself and invite your friends or your lover watch your cooking program. You will have a lot of fun and have a great time together.

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Written by Hoc Nguyen (CEO Hello Valio)

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"At age 19, you have big enough to go out alone and immature enough to learn from others". So what should you do at age 19 to succeed in the future.

In a topic on Quora network, many poses the question: "if I can do what at the age of 19 will be beneficial for the future?"

Business Insider has synthesized a few good answers for, starting from the point of view of a young computer engineer living in California named Shikkar Agarwal, who leads the Exchange.

If you are at age 19, Agarwal said that you should:

1. Learn to manage and balance your time: in addition to the timetable in the design field, have come at you should find out how an organization on our own. Since you are busy with building the foundations of his career, for a romantic life and trying to have time for yourself, you will need to learn to recognize ways to implement these priorities and the sort of secondary needs. Agarwal suggested should test different ways until you are seasoned in the art of time management.

2. Put the smartphone down the current younger generation: grew up with social networking and many people are too dependent on the smart phone. The discovery of a people that are "like" the photo of you on Facebook or support your post on Reddit is not important by what is happening really around you. If you are living in every moment, you can really learn a lot of things, to listen better and contribute to the conversation.

3. Travel as much as you can: Agarwal said, when you are in the 20s, you have big enough to go out alone and immature enough to learn from others. The trip will introduce to you the new culture and expand your vision to the new thinking. Added to that is getting confidence, social skills, you will have many more memories, things will follow you throughout the rest of his life.

4. The pursuit of passion, not money: in this age, you don't have spouses, children and property, a need to take care of. Please use the freedom to follow the call of your heart instead of a large cheque. Agarwal citing a saying of Steve Jobs: "If you don't love something, you wouldn't plan to far more, work more on weekends, more current challenges".

5. Realize who you really are: use this young age time in life to find out what really led you, you fear what, where are your weaknesses and strengths, and who is really interested in you. Understand who you are and what you want to achieve in your life will bring you peace of mind and set the path leads you to success.

6. Remember that there is a vast world that exists outside the doors of your home: When you succeed more, remember that society will also many people less fortunate than you. More proof that volunteer participation, supported charity will bring happy life than those who did not do those things.

7. Learn to ignore the voice lead you to quit: Let's fight with voice in head urges you to take the easy path. If you haven't learned to ignore it, the call of the same will as blight throughout your life, even though you are trying to more healthy. If you can pass it, you can push yourself to the altitude you never visualize coming, and it will help you in these difficult moments. ", To Young Noh, a network share Quora users.

8. Start saving: even if you are required to pay the debt, you should start a separate setup routine part of earnings into the emergency reserve fund. Goal setting has enough money to pass for at least 6 months of expenses in case of accident or unemployment. Make sure the take advantage of retirement plans that are proposed by your employer, by you will appreciate the interest accumulated over many years from now, a member named Drew Eckhardt share.

9. Take care of your body: Yourself is the most important thing in life. Let's start taking the time to exercise and healthy eating habits from bamboo, because it will not be easy to change as you grow older. And please take good care of your skin to avoid the attack of the wrinkles, Member Mo Seetubtim suggestions.

10. Make learning as much as possible, in the classroom or anywhere: If you want to have a graduate degree, do it. However even if you do not have any additional time in a classroom, please read as much if possible about as much sense if desired. Learning a new foreign language, read several works published. You will never have a lot of time and energy. So please collect knowledge whenever you can, Bill Welsh name members share his views.

11. Accept mistakes and learn from them: In order to explore the world, you will suffer from the mistakes in all aspects of life. Do not react too emotionally with any of your mistakes, and make sure you learn how to avoid repeating them again. "If you understand this, it will help you to be patient with people who make a mistake and you will learn to forgive. It is a very short hop from forgiveness to goodness, the greatest virtue a person can have, "Bill Welsh member comments.

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Featured photo credit: Pixabay

Written by Hoc Nguyen (CEO Hello Valio)

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